this dreamer by sara watterson

This Dreamer

The Chronicles of the Marked, Book I

Is the life of one intriguing mortal worth the end to a millennium of dreams?

When Evie, an immortal Watcher turned reluctant assassin, falls in love with her intended target, Adan the Dreamer, is it worth the cost to prevent his untimely end?

Character Profiles and Discussion
See the Pinterest page for this project.

Chronicles of the Marked, Book II

Estalena, a reluctant spy posing as fiancĂ© to the alluring son of a king, must find her courage and do what is necessary to save her people. 

Update: The first draft of the sequel to This Dreamer is well underway!
Expected publication: 2023

Areli and Liam, a science fiction romance

Into the Glittering Sea

I am also working on a science fiction novel which I’m temporarily calling Into the Glittering Sea. I’m pretty excited about it! Visit my Pinterest page for this project, or read a brief synopsis.

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