Clean Romcom Books – Discovering a Fabulous, Growing Genre

I may write YA fantasy, but I love to read many genres. I love sci-fi, urban fantasy, women’s fiction, self-help, and more. I’ve always enjoyed a good contemporary romance, but before diving into writing, publishing, and marketing my own books, I didn’t realize just how many sub-genres there are.

Recently, as I researched Amazon categories and keywords, I discovered many authors are marketing their books as romcoms. Romcoms! Do you miss the good ol’ days of 2000s era romcom (romantic comedy) movies? I sure do. This could be a great alternative!

I’m pretty picky about the content in a romance novel, so you can imagine how excited I was to find there is even a sub-genre called closed-door rom-com (or, in other words: clean romcom books)! 

Most of these authors are either self-published or work with small publishing companies. These books are NOT what the big publishers are looking for right now. To find them, you must know what you’re looking for and which search terms to use on Amazon or online. Hint: try “closed door romcom,” “closed door romance,” “sweet romcom,” “clean romantic comedy,” etc. But if you want a few suggestions to get you started, here are a few I found. Some I’ve read, and some I have not. I’ll let you know below.

Please know that these books are fun, lighthearted, and often silly. Remember all the goofy moments in those 2000s romcoms? You can expect the same from these books. If you prefer deep, literary novels, these might not be for you.

Sweet Romantic Comedy Authors

The author who always pops up first when I look for clean romcom books is Emma St. Clair. Here’s what her author bio says: “Emma St. Clair is a USA Today Bestselling Author who loves sassy heroines, witty banter, and love stories with heart and humor.” She has several best sellers in various Amazon categories. Here are a few, though she has many more. I read Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin and really liked it!

Next up is Rachel John. Her bio says, “Rachel John loves to read anything with romance or humor, and thinks the best books should combine the two.” I read her book called I Hated You First, and it was a fun read. Next up I hope to read her series of clean romcoms that are inspired by Jane Austen novels!

contemporary pride and prejudice retelling
Jane Austen Inspired!!! 😍
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Ellie Hall is another USA Today best-selling author, and her bio states that “Writing sweet romance with lots of firsts and fizzy feels gives her joy.”

Another author who writes clean contemporary romance is Sarah Adams. Her bio says, “Her hope is to always write stories that make you laugh, maybe even cry; but always leave you happier than when you started reading.”

A few additional authors writing sweet contemporary romance are Kortney Keisel,

Julie Christianson, Jenny Proctor, Savannah Scott, Abi Sabina, and I’m sure there are many more.

Do you have suggestions for Clean Romcom books?

clean fantasy romance book

If you have more suggestions, please let me know in the comments! If you’re looking for clean young adult books, visit my list on my other website, Love clean fantasy adventure? Check out my novel, This Dreamer, a clean fantasy romance adventure.

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