Vacation Editing

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to give a quick writing update on This Dreamer. My editor returned my manuscript in February, and I’ve had the best time working through her deletions, edits, suggestions, and comments! (I’ll share a few comments soon because some are hilarious.) This process has taught me so much, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my future projects. I’ve made it through all the easy, yes/no edits, and now I’m halfway through the changes that require a bit more thought. She cut over 8000 words from my novel, which is fantastic!

Unfortunately, it’s taking me a long time to get through this phase of writing, just as it has taken a long time to get through all the rest. Juggling all the pieces of my life and finding uninterrupted blocks of time is difficult. But I’m moving along one step at a time.

Today I’m editing as I sit on my vacation porch in Florida! Coffee in hand, of course. My husband and I escaped for a short getaway without the kids, which equals a rare quiet morning.

book editing on vacation

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